About us

I spent about half of my over 25-year career abroad, on Bermuda, working for a company named Continental Upholstery Ltd., where I learned the ins and outs of furniture manufacturing, learning technologies from all corners of the world in upholstery, restoration, furniture building, repairs, conversions and in furnishing and interior decoration in general.

In 2000 established my own company,LazoFurniture & Interior Design Llc. [LazoBútor-, Belsőépítészeti, Szolgáltatóés Kereskedelmi Kft.]. In an effort to adapt to the expectations of the trade and our partners, I launched the spring of 2008 as the legal successor of my previous company, with anextended range of operations, new image, increasedheadcount and with a wider range of more sophisticated machinery.

My company is a true reflection of my conviction that FURNITURE is characterised by, and stands for, the harmony of the highest quality standards, elegance, convenience, comfort and durability. We see furniture as something that has spirituality...

"Comfortable homes for discerning homeowners... our vocation is to turn your dream into reality!"

László Sáska